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Risktvåan (slippery road)


Concerns speed, safety and driving in special conditions

For students at Durgés or students that participate at the Risk course 1.

We proudly offer help to arrange groups of 4 students with an English instructor at Stora Holms Trafikövningsplats, Holmvägen 55 at Hisingen.

It is important that you should have attained a good level of driving proficiency before attending the skidpan. You have to be able to handle the vehicle.Remember you will be alone in the car!

Please let us know at Risk course 1 if you like to join a group! You can also check our E-handel if there is any available dates. Click here. If not please check again, we only plan for student that told us about their interest at the Riskettan.

After your registration a CODE and a standard information in Swedish will be send to your E-mail address, do not worry, the group you are booked into includes an ENGLISH speaking instructor.
Print out and bring the registration CODE and bring it together with your ID -card.

Cancellation or re-booking must be made no later than 3 days before. The full fee will be charged in case of late cancellation, or if you are absent.

There is always a possibility to join a Swedish group and bring your own interpreter.  Find the way: www.storaholm.se