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Risk part 1, in English


 Risk Part 1 "Riskettan"


After this course, you should have more knowledge about the risks in traffic (alcohol, other drugs, tiredness etc) and how you can avoid them. We start the course by presenting the content, sequence and arrangement, and we urge you to come with questions and participate in discussions during the course.

The course is mandatory for catogory B-license and it´s valid 5 years. 

During the course you will meet people from different countries, many with years of experience!

Educators are Anna and Lena Durgé, who speak their very best "Gothenburg English"

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OBS! It´s important that you can show us an Swedish approved identification, otherwise we cant report to Transportstyrelsen that you have attended to the course!

Remember: There is no need to participate Risk Part 1 before the Risk Part 2. The courses are independent from each other.


 Place:  Durgés Trafikskola AB, Chalmersgatan 31, Phone 0317115039



Peter C skrev om Riskutbildning en del av Durgés Trafikskola
The course is excellent and contains vital information regarding responsibility and approach when driving or being in the traffic. Brings and directs all the views and opinions of various persons to one common understanding what we should or shouldn't do in certain situations. The experience with this company and the treatment received was excellent. Appreciated very much that it is possible to do the whole driving preparations including tests in English language.